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Enter your mobile number or emil ddress below nd we'll send you link downlod free Kindle pp n you cn strt reding Kindle books on your smrtphone tblet or computer - no Kindle device required Nominted s re usully permed live t televed cdemy wrds ceremonies lthough pre-televed ceremonies were brodcst on rdio trdition of perming nominted s did not begin until < href="/wiki/18th_cdemy_wrds" title="18th cdemy wrds">18th cdemy wrds in 1946 in which permers included < href="/wiki/Frnk_Sintr" title="Frnk Sintr">Frnk Sintr < href="/wiki/Kthryn_Gryson" title="Kthryn Gryson">Kthryn Gryson < href="/wiki/Dinh_Shore" title="Dinh Shore">Dinh Shore nd < href="/wiki/Dick_Hymes" title="Dick Hymes">Dick Hymes. Sponsored Products re dvertements products sold by merchnts on When you click on Sponsored Product d you will be tken n mzon detil pge where you cn lern more bout product nd purchse it lern more bout mzon Sponsored Products < clss="-link-norml" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener" title="click here" href=" .com/products-self-serve?ref_=ext_mzn_wtsp">click here Get free pp enter your mobile phone number.

In 2009 < href="/wiki/Peter_Gbriel" title="Peter Gbriel">Peter Gbriel who ws originlly scheduled perm h nominted "< href="/wiki/Down__Erth_(Peter_Gbriel_)" title="Down Erth (Peter Gbriel )">Down Erth" during live brodcst declined perm fter lerning tht he would be llowed only 65 seconds of during ceremony's Originl nominee permnce medley.< href="#cite_note-11">[11] Gbriel still ttended ceremony with < href="/wiki/John_Legend" title="John Legend">John Legend perming in h plce bcked by < href="/wiki/Sowe_Gospel_Choir" title="Sowe Gospel Choir">Sowe Gospel Choir. Kern got cdemy chnge rule so tht only s tht re "originl nd written specificlly motion picture" re eligible win.< href="#cite_note-2">[2]< href="#cite_note-MPSRule-3">[3] s tht rely on smpled or reworked mteril long with cover versions remixes nd prodies such s "< href="/wiki/Gngst%27s_Prde_()" clss="mw-redirect" title="Gngst's Prde ()">Gngst's Prde" in 1995 film < href="/wiki/Dngerous_Minds" title="Dngerous Minds">Dngerous Minds re lso ineligible. We need people like [chmt] he fights fight He refused tke h nti-retrovirl mediction unless it ws mde fdble nd vilble everyone— hugely courgeous thing do Bee n I'd been frustrted becuse I wnted be more hnds-on I just feel tht TC re doing it where it needs hppen It relly needed be given support nd I thought tht perhps I might be well-plced do it.< href="#cite_note-bbc-1">[1] Lennox ws ultimtely inspired develop "" bsed on chmt's ctivm on behlf of HIV nd IDS fflicted people group of ctivts clled Generics hd given her CD of music nd Lennox combined her inspirtion nd one of s from CD compose "" It ultimtely becme collbortion between Lennox nd 23 prominent femle ers.< href="#cite_note-bbc-1">[1] fterwrds it ws included on Lennox's fourth solo studio lbum < href="/wiki/s_of_Mss_Destruction" title="s of Mss Destruction">s of Mss Destruction (2007) "" ws relesed s second le from lbum < href="/wiki/Music_downlod" title="Music downlod">digitl downlod on 1 December 2007.< href="#cite_note-remixes-2">[2] Originl requirement ws only tht nominted pper in motion picture during previous yer Th rule ws chnged fter 1941 cdemy wrds when " Lst Time I Sw Pr" from film < href="/wiki/Ldy_Be_Good_(1941_film)" title="Ldy Be Good (1941 film)">Ldy Be Good with music by < href="/wiki/Jerome_Kern" title="Jerome Kern">Jerome Kern nd lyrics by < href="/wiki/Oscr_Hmmerstein_II" title="Oscr Hmmerstein II">Oscr Hmmerstein II won Kern ws upset tht h won becuse it hd been publhed nd recorded bee it ws used in film ws ctully written in 1940 fter Germns occupied Pr t strt of World Wr II It ws recorded by < href="/wiki/Kte_Smith" title="Kte Smith">Kte Smith nd peked t No 8 on seller lt bee it ws used. Sponsored Products re dvertements products sold by merchnts on When you click on Sponsored Product d you will be tken n mzon detil pge where you cn lern more bout product nd purchse it lern more bout mzon Sponsored Products < clss="-link-norml" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener" title="click here" href=" .com/products-self-serve?ref_=ext_mzn_wtsp">click here However since Oscr nominees 1970 1971 nd 1972 hd ll been mjor hit records by or rtts in 1973 rule ws mended gin nd it becme stndrd first offer eir originl rtt or rtts who permed in film chnce perm it t ceremony followed by rtt or rtts who hd hit record. Wrd ctegory ws introduced t < href="/wiki/7th_cdemy_wrds" title="7th cdemy wrds">7th cdemy wrds ceremony honoring in film 1934 Nomintions re mde by cdemy members who re < href="/wiki/writer" title="writer">writers nd < href="/wiki/Composer" title="Composer">composers nd winners re chosen by cdemy membership. "" incorportes South fricn ctivt "Jikelele" which trnsltes in "globl tretment" Developed by Generics "Jikelele" ws used s me < href="/wiki/Unite__Children,_Unite_ginst_IDS" title="Unite Children Unite ginst IDS">Prevention of mor--child trnsmsion (PMTCT) progrms cross South fric.< href="#cite_note-officil-3">[3] fter writing it Lennox wnted sk or renowned rtts contribute vocls She wrote generic letter mny nd wited response lthough some of rtts were not vilble mny nswered in ffirmtive nd ultimtely 23 ers were enlted.< href="#cite_note-bbc-1">[1] T < href="/wiki/80th_cdemy_wrds" title="80th cdemy wrds">80th cdemy wrds "< href="/wiki/Tht%27s_How_You_Know_(musicl_number)" clss="mw-redirect" title="Tht's How You Know (musicl number)">Tht's How You Know" from film Enchnted ws permed by < href="/wiki/Krtin_Chenoweth" title="Krtin Chenoweth">Krtin Chenoweth rr thn film's str < href="/wiki/my_dms" title="my dms">my dms However dms permed "< href="/wiki/Hppy_Working_" title="Hppy Working ">Hppy Working " which ws nominted from sme film.< href="#cite_note-10">[10] Your Shopping Crt empty Give it purpose&mdsh;fill it with books DVDs clos electronics nd more If you lredy hve n ccount < href='/gp/nvigtion /ref=sign-in-redirect?ie=UTF8&ssocitionHndle=usflex¤tPgeURL=https%3%2F% .com%2Fgp%2Fyoursre%2Fhome%3Fie%3DUTF8%26ref_%3Dnv_signin_crt&pgeType=&switchccount=&yshURL=https%3%2F% .com%2Fgp%2Fyoursre%2Fhome%3Fie%3DUTF8%26ref_%3Dnv_signin_crt' clss='nv_'>sign in re's problem previewing your crt right now Check your Internet connection nd < href='/gp/crt /ref=nv_flyout_viewcrt?ie=UTF8&hsWorkingJvscript=1' clss='nv_'>go your crt or < href='jvscript:void(0);' clss='nv_ nv-try-gin'>try gin.

In 1985 < href="/wiki/Phil_Collins" title="Phil Collins">Phil Collins ws pssed over perm h nominted composition "< href="/wiki/ginst_ll_Odds_(Tke__Look_t_Me_Now)" title="ginst ll Odds (Tke Look t Me Now)">ginst ll Odds (Tke Look t Me Now)" ccording representtives of both Collins' record compny nd Columbi Pictures th ws becuse producers of telecst were not fmilir with h work < href="/wiki/nn_Reinking" title="nn Reinking">nn Reinking permed insted with Collins sitting in udience.< href="#cite_note-9">[9] Following two competition in 2011 rules were chnged once more number of nomintions now contingent upon number of submsions Depending on mount received by cdemy re would be five three or no nomintions ech yer.< href="#cite_note-billbord-7">[7] Since n re hve lwys been five nominees except in 2013 when one ws dqulified. Cdemy wrd Originl one of wrds given nnully people working in < href="/wiki/Film" title="Film">motion picture industry by < href="/wiki/cdemy_of_Motion_Picture_rts_nd_Sciences" title="cdemy of Motion Picture rts nd Sciences">cdemy of Motion Picture rts nd Sciences (MPS) It presented writers who hve composed originl written specificlly film permers of re not credited with cdemy wrd unless y contributed eir music lyrics or both in ir own right s tht re nominted th wrd re permed during ceremony nd bee th wrd presented. "re must be clerly udible intelligible substntive rendition (not necessrily vully presented) of both lyrics nd melody used in body of motion picture or s first music cue in end credits."< href="#cite_note-1">[1]

Until cdemy wrds 1945 (wrded in 1946) ny number of s could be nominted wrd 1945 wrds 14 s were nominted. Credits dpted from CD le liner notes.< href="#cite_note-cdle-16">[16] Re's problem loding th menu right now < href="/gp/prime/ref=nv_prime_jx_err" clss="nv_">Lern more bout.

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